Bunker Show 81 – Avatar Jumps the Shark

Kermit says 'share'

This week in Bunker we talk about Social Media Spam, the gaming industry and more…

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Bunker Project Episode 81:

Social Media Spam

Avatar Jumps the Shark

Bob is joining us from home this week.

Bunker Mavens in the house tonight:

@podcasthero Andrew McGivern Podcast Maven
@twisted_majic James Karg Gaming Maven
@bc_insurancegal Margaret Reynolds Insurance Maven
@bsainsbury Bonnie Sainsbury Twitter Maven
@movieyearbook Marcel Lapointe Movie Maven
Alex Social Feed Maven
Chad Ottohol DJ Maven

@bobgarlick Bob Garlick Idea Maven via google plus hangout

We have a bunch of DJ equipment in the Bunker bar because Chad Ottohol is here… And he is going to play us some of his original mixes during the show.

This week we talk about:

  • Twitter Hash Tag Spam
  • Pinterest Spam
  • Link Spam
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Keywords vs Linkes vs Social
  • Awesome content rules… says Bonnie
  • Conversion vs Traffic
  • How to stop spam?
  • Spam Viruses

DJ Lefty tells us all about his gear and how he got started as a DJ in Vancouve…

Andrew and Bob thank Wix.com and talk about how cool the platform is for creating websites. And now with html5!

James gives Hot Head Games a big shoutout! – The Thong of Justice!
Vancouver Film West with Adam West is coming soon.
Video Game Awards as well.

Alex tells us about The Social Feed… They’ve had 45 events so far and all sold out.
James and Alex talk about the html5 workshop they attended today.

Draw Something gets purchased for big bucks.

Marcel is confused… about Google Play and Super Gay Aquariums.

They announced Angry Birds Space from the Space Station and James Cameron Tweeted from the Ocean Floor.

We close off the show with Chads Musical Melodies…

See you next week… same Bunker Time, same Bunker station.

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Your Hosts,

Andrew McGivern & Bob Garlick

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