The first show had Bob and Andrew setting up the back room at the Bunker Bar.

The show shares the room with several DJs sound equipment, posters and props. The tables and chairs are crammed into a corner and fight for space with an old bike, boxes of wires and other bar and hotel paraphernalia.

“It’s all part of the charm” Bob says, around a mouthful of his favourite Black Beer. “I get to the bunker back room around 6pm each show day and start putting up posters and moving furniture, boxes and equipment around to set up the studio” says Bob.

“Yep, and I come in sweating with all the podcasting equipment packed into a travel bag that I lug from my place just down the road, says Andrew, as he bends over and adjusts the mic wires once again.

The two of them are both into podcasting, social media and marketing. You can feel the energy and fun coming of both of them as they show off the small 20 x 20 food storage room.

For them to transform this hole in the back of a dark bar on one of Vancouver’s premier shopping strips every second wednesday is obviously a project of love.

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