Maven Roster

Think you have what it takes to be a Bunker Maven?

You do! Ok ok, go here, pay your money and then when you get your certificate we will list you on this page as one of the official Bunker Maven for that year.
Please Note: One Maven Category per person only so hurry or you might have to come up with a new designation!


Bunker Mavens 

Bob Garlick: Idea Maven

Andrew McGivern: Podcast Maven

Alan Middelton: Research Maven

Twisted_Majic: Gaming Maven

Bonnie Sainsbury: Twitter Maven

Tristan Schon: Cocktail Maven

Craig Griffiths: Ozzy Maven

Marcel Lapointe: Movie Maven

Ken McGrath: Voice Maven

Margaret Reynolds: Insurance Maven

Terry: Locksmith Maven

Mystery Man: Sean of the Dead Maven

Maryln Anderson: Communications Maven


3 thoughts on “Maven Roster

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