"One of the Best in the City"

James Karg
"I'll be back... What a great concept!"

Bonnie Sainsbury
“ Wonderful conversation as always. Lots of hot topics and no shortage of opinions on them makes for a very fun evening. ”


Margaret Reynolds
Women Talking Tech
“ Great people, awesome thought provoking content without being too serious. Tech pop culture the way the "geeks" of the world want to hear about it. ”


Marco Pasqua
“ Excellent! ”


Randall Orser
Number Crunchers
“ I learnt a lot. Met some very talented and cool people. ”


Michelle Aslan
“ they always stayed on topic...they rarely digressed which is so unlike other meetups that i go to.... ”


Carlo Rossetti
“ It's a must do. ”


Ken McGrath
Kam Digital
“ I have been a fan since the first broadcast. This is my weekly addiction. ”

— Craig Griffiths

Craig Griffiths
Ask Find Buy

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